Beyond 5G & Digital Twin


Digital twin board

In order to build a large-scale digital twin anywhere in real time, it is essential to develop the underlying communication technology, and new-generation communication technologies such as Beyond 5G/6G are being researched. In Shimonishi Laboratory, we are researching technology for estimating radio wave conditions and edge cloud system optimization technology for distributed AI as system optimization technology for Beyond 5G / 6G communication.

Keywords: Beyond 5G, 6G / Edge Cloud Decentralized AI


Probabilistic digital twin construction

In order to construct a digital copy of the real world as a digital twin, it is essential to quickly and accurately recognize objects in 3D space. In Shimonishi Laboratory, we are researching technology that uses machine learning and graphical models to identify a large number of objects and perform 3D positioning, and technology that reflects the results in human behavior using AR devices.

Keywords: multimodal recognition / AR, XR

Digital twin data generation

In order to construct a digital twin in real time, a technology that collects and generates a huge amount of data generated in the real world with low latency is required. The Shimonishi Laboratory is conducting research on generating digital twins while collecting real-world data using streaming processing technology, and research on collecting and generating digital twin data effectively by using IP multicast to eliminate waste. going.

Keywords : streaming processing / multicast / broadcast

Digital twin application

By using digital twins, we can communicate beyond time and space and predict problems that may occur in the real world in the future. In Shimonishi Laboratory, we are researching and developing methods to create and share Metaverse spaces, and to present them comfortably through smart glasses.

Keywords: metaverse / smart glasses / edge computing / cloud computing