Laboratory environment

Student room

This room is mainly for students to study. Enough space is provided for 2-3 monitors per person. There is also a break space in this room.

Full facilities

Not to mention purchasing and copying machines, each person is given one desktop PC and one laptop.

A large amount of materials

The large amount of materials provided by the teachers will support the research. If you ask, you can buy something that is not here.

Break space

It is mainly used by students for lunch or when they want to take a break. In addition to sofas and TVs, game consoles are also available, and game lovers sometimes get together to play during breaks. Be careful not to play too much.


Face-to-face meeting

In early April, a face-to-face meeting will be held with new M1 and new B4 people gathered together. Some people have the opportunity to come to the laboratory for the first time.

Hospital examination preparation room

The graduate exam preparation room started with the kindness of Professor Shimonishi, who is trying to support the students who are doing their best in the B4 graduate exam from May to July. We will provide a corner of the student room as a space for B4 people to study. Sometimes there may be sweets inserted ...



Master's thesis / graduation thesis presentation

This is a place for B4 students to present the results of their research for the year. I think there are many people who will be the first research report meeting here.

Chasing Con

This is a farewell party for M2 students and those who are retiring. It will be held in March.